Special Venue

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Eevolver’s Special Venue Team has worked on some of the most
leading-edge immersive entertainment experiences for over two decades.

Recently Eevolver & XLNT FX launched an innovative CG Video installation featuring an 80-foot virtual water tank, interactive effects & mysterious mermaid, AQUA FEMME.

This innovative, highly realistic 3-minute video invites airport travelers to experience the beautiful, soothing undersea virtual world

AQUA FEMME stands out as a prime example of top talent from Hollywood’s feature film community bringing their advanced creative and CG and technology into the expanding market for large-scale themed entertainment and experiential media installations.

Video from the film can be seen at

on site

Eevolver supervised the CAVE TEMPLES of DUNHUANG film shown at, The Getty. The supervision included integrating 3D stereoscopic, partial dome imagery with a proprietary shader from R&S Productions.

https://vimeo.com/181975851 getty2

Eevolver’s work recently won Digital Hollywoods. “Best in Total
Immersive – From Theme Park to Installations-Full Dome Experience, for CONSTANTINE/NBC Universal at ComicCon



Doha 2020

Concepts for Wanda’s, “Power of Nature” Movie Parknew

Interactive Museum for Razorfish
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Interactive Museum for Razorfish

Mecca 2040
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